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曾經有位熟客是Versace 粉絲,當Versace離世,他立即搶購了一些招牌高級布料,要求我們設計成窗簾。由於布料尺寸只有枱布的大小,我們想盡辦法把它縫合,而且在技術上花了一段時間來解決對花駁口問題,製作出讓客人極之滿意的作品。






宜新的待客之道,是從不單憑外表或個人財富去衡量客人的價值, 反之,我們認為真誠的互動更為感人,每當客人因家裡的窗簾設計受朋友稱讚而來電致謝,那份滿足感實非筆墨所能形容。


One of our frequent customers used to be a big fan of Versace. Right after the latter’s death, he managed to grab some of its classy signature products from the market, and requested us to design them into curtains. Since every fabric was merely of the size of atablecloth, we put our heads together and came up with a solution to sew them together. Though it took us some time to match the patterns, the client was very satisfied with the result. 


There was another client who lived in a private island in Sai Kung. While he came to our shop by high-speed boat, our workers had to board the boat as well for measurements in his house! Some of our clients are housewives. They have been pretty keen on sharing about themselves with us. We heard stories of having quarrels with in-laws, and even complaints on their husbands’ affairs, as if we have become their Chicken Soup of the Soul.


Our customer philosophy is never to judge one’s values by his appearance or wealth. Instead, we treasure genuine interactions. The joy behind receiving thank you calls from customers for the curtain designs is often beyond description.


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